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Driving lessons in Chelmsford with EXL Driving School

EXL Driving School offer driving lessons in the Chelmsford area with both male and female driving instructors who are familiar not only with the test centre at Chelmsford but also the Chelmsford driving test routes and the wider general areas. EXL Driving School driving instructors in Chelmsford will teach you not just the pass the driving test in Chelmsford but also to drive in any area or conditions to ensure that you are a safe driver for life. Learning to drive with EXL Driving School in Chelmsford is both interesting and challenging. EXL’s Chelmsford based driving instructors will ensure that you have experience of all of the areas in Chelmsford that present candidates challenges on their driving test including the busy “A” roads, the A138 and A12, as well as the ring road, one way systems, residential areas with narrower roads and the busy City centre.

Our link below will show you an example test route for each test centre, whilst we provide this information to help you prepare for your driving test, EXL Driving School do not recommend learning test routes, learning to drive is a skill for life and the EXL driving instructors in Chelmsford will teach you to drive safely in any conditions or area not just how to pass your driving test by teaching you the driving test routes in Chelmsford or any other area.

Local driving test centres are listed below, click on them to see details of the driving test centres close to Chelmsford and useful information such as the latest published pass rates, address and sample test routes used on driving tests.

  • Chelmsford driving test centre (link to Chelmsford TC Page)
  • Bishops Stortford driving test centre (link to Bishops Stortford TC Page)
  • Brentwood driving test centre (link to Brentwood TC Page)
  • Colchester driving test centre (link to Colchester TC Page)
  • Clacton driving test centre (link to Clacton TC Page)

If you are interested in learning to drive in Chelmsford please do not hesitate to contact our EXL Driving School on 0800 567 74 60 or contact us through the website so that we can answer any questions you may have regarding learning to driving in Chelmsford with EXL Driving School.

EXL Driving school offer an initial two hour lesson for the price of one, why not book your first driving lesson with EXL driving school now by clicking on the link for your local area:


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