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Fleet Assessment

If anyone within your company drives on company business, you are obliged to perform a risk assessment of the activity. If you have 5 or more employees, you are obliged to have this risk assessment written down. This could include delivery van drivers, company car drivers and even occasional drivers who are using their own vehicle – the employer still has a ‘duty of care’ to protect its employees and the general public.

Not all companies want a full day’s training for each of their drivers when the cost of the training and the time needed is taken into account. For that reason, we now offer van driver and company car driver risk assessments.

EXL Fleet assessments take approximately 1.5hrs and include licence and eyesight check, vehicle safety checks, journey planning, highway code and in-car driving assessment. For each candidate, a full written report and risk assessment will be completed along with any recommendations.

Company Driver Risk Assessment Cost:

  • £95 for one candidate
  • £75 each additional candidate on same day up to 4 candidates
  • Additional candidates are just £60 each for a maximum of twelve candidates on same day

This covers the minimum requirement needed for Health and Safety compliance. Obviously, we would discuss what requirements you may have over and above this.

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