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What’s involved in becoming a Driving Instructor?

Driving instructor training courses focus on helping you prepare for tests set by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) The qualification process is in three stages as outlined below:

Part 1 – Theory

Part 1 is a test of your knowledge; this is a more in-depth version of the theory test taken by learner drivers It is important as an instructor to have the knowledge to answer pupils questions and also have a good understanding of all aspects of driving. We provide all of the material that you will need to study for the test as well as ongoing training and support to ensure that you succeed but you will need to spend time doing your homework and learning the details.

Part 2 – Your Driving Ability

Part 2 consists of practical driving sessions and is designed to bring your driving up to the standard required by the DSA. You will usually train with a driving instructor trainer on a 1-to-1 basis, or in paired tuition with a learning buddy.

The practical test is an extended version of the learner test which includes all of the set manoeuvres and driving independently, following road signs or a series of directions.

It is your trainer’s job to help you prepare for your part 2 exam: a 1-hour practical test of your driving ability. You’ll need to show a high level of driving skill, anticipation and consideration of other road users.

Part 3 – Your Instructional Ability

In part 3 you’ll need to demonstrate that you can teach others. In two half-hour sessions the examiner acts as a pupil in a role-play situation. After passing all three parts of the DSA/DVTA test, you’ll be awarded a green badge indicating that you’re a fully qualified instructor, known in the industry as an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).


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