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Company car and van drivers are involved in about one in every four serious road collisions, and every week around 20 road deaths involve people driving for work as fleet drivers or vehicle owners driving to or from meetings etc on behalf of their employers.

The Health & Safety at Work Act and Corporate Manslaughter legislation mean that employers must consider what risks their employees are exposed to and the affect of employees actions on other individuals and businesses. Any vehicle which is driven by someone carrying out business on behalf of a company is regarded as a place of work and therefore subject to current workplace legislation. Less than a third of businesses have a current policy for driving and drivers whilst on company business or keep adequate records to ensure the business not only complies with Health & Safety law but also shows businesses have taken all reasonable steps to avoid incidents should the worst happen.

The cost to employers of accidents include the lost productivity due to both vehicles being off the road but also employees being off work with injury but also include the repair to vehicles.

EXL fleet assessment and training services can not only reduce risk of collisions involving your fleet drivers but can also dramatically reduce the cost of repairs and fuel bills by looking at driving styles and attitudes of drivers. We aim to ensure clients comply with health & safety regulations, maintain adequate records, have a coherent driver and vehicle policy and ensure they minimize the risk posed by employees driving.

To ensure that your company complies with Health and Safety and Corporate Manslaughter legislation EXL fleet assessment can provide individual driver assessments, complete with individual reports and suggested actions. These assessments are designed for drivers of all types of company vehicle. The assessment will look at and assist with:

  • Drivers risk awareness & planning
  • Style of driving
  • Attitude to other road users

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