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Terms & Conditions

Pupils must be of legal age to drive and produce a valid UK/Northern Ireland
provisional Category B driving licence. For Motorway, Pass Plus or Refresher lessons a full valid licence must be produced. Pupils must meet the minimum eye test requirements. If glasses or contact lenses are worn in order to meet this requirement then they must be worn at all times when driving.
Pupils must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when taking lessons. Any prescribed medication that may effect driving must be declared to the instructor and to the DVLA medical board
Pupils must notify the instructor if there is any change in ability or entitlement to have driving tuition.
Each lesson will commence when the pupil enters the car provided that the pupil enters the car at the arranged/pre-booked time.
If the pupil is not present at the arranged meeting point the instructor will wait for 15 minutes, during which time the instructor will attempt to contact the pupil. After this period, and if no contact has been made, the instructor will leave and the pupil charged for the lesson.
Where the instructor may arrive slightly late for a lesson due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor will make efforts to extend the finish time of the lesson by the same amount of time, or add the time on to the following lesson. If the instructor expects to be delayed by more than 15 minutes he will endeavour to contact the pupil to inform of the delay.
If the pupil wishes to cancel or rearrange a lesson then two clear working day’s notice is required, otherwise the pupil will be charged for the period booked.
When pre-payments have not been made to the office, then payments for lessons are due at the beginning of each lesson. EXL Driving School are not responsible for payments made direct to the instructor although the company will endeavour to assist should a dispute arise. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or debit/credit card.
A separate charge is made for the use of the training car during a driving test. Please refer to the price list.
The pupil may be permitted to use the training car for their driving test only if the instructor is satisfied that they have reached the required standard. The DVSA rules do not allow pupils to take driving tests for experience.
The pupil is legally responsible for any penalty notices incurred while they are driving the car.
The pupil agrees to pay the cost of uninsured damage to the vehicle and any other non recoverable costs incurred during a driving test.
EXL Driving School will make every effort to substitute another instructor if the regular instructor is unable to attend a driving test appointment.
EXL Driving School has no responsibility if a driving test is cancelled by the DVSA for any reason or if the pupil fails the eyesight test. Your Driving Instructor will be responsible and will reimburse the pupil ‘s costs if the test is cancelled due to the condition of the test vehicle.
The pupil agrees that following an unsuccessful driving test EXL Driving School may refuse the use of the training car for a further test unless the pupil has taken a minimum of five hours of further driving lessons.
Discounts for prepayment of lessons only apply if made prior to, or on, the first lesson of the block booking.
EXL Driving School will impose a 1% daily surcharge on chargeable lessons that remain unpaid after 30 days. The surcharge will be calculated from the date of the first unpaid lesson.
All prepaid lesson prices will be honoured for a period of six months. Any unused lessons after this period has elapsed shall be liable to have any lesson price increases made during the period applied retrospectively. Prepaid lesson credit is valid for a period of 12 months, after that period any unused hours will be deemed to have been forfeited and no refund will be made except in exceptional circumstances where agreed by EXL Driving School.
Vouchers are valid for a period of six months only. In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of EXL Driving School vouchers may be honoured after this period but any lesson price increases will be applied.
Pre-payments of lessons and deposits for Intensive Courses are not refundable.
The pupil agrees that EXL Driving School and/or the instructor have no liability to the pupil for any loss, injury or damage. Statutory rights are not affected.
Any of these terms may be waived by EXL Driving School and/or the instructor however such waiver shall not oblige The Driving School or Instructor to repeat the waiver on any subsequent occasion.
These Terms & Conditions were revised and valid from January 2018.
It is hoped that the pupil should not find any cause for complaint, but in the event of a complaint the pupil should try to resolve the issue with the instructor. If an agreement cannot be reached the pupil may take the complaint to EXL Driving School, The Road Safety Centre, Edinburgh Way, Harlow CM20 2BX.

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